Event Date

To Be Confirmed


30,000+ Visitors


Shanghai Exhibition Center
No.1000 Yan’an West road

Target Group

• Mid, upper and high-net-worth-individuals
• Corporate Companies
• Culturally interested individuals  
• 100 - 120 exhibitors

Why Best of DACH

DACH - EUROPE’S Powerhouse & Largest Region

DACH - Biggest economy in EU

DACH - similar culture and language background

DACH - beautiful tourism destinations for sports, beauty, food & education

DACH - great innovative powers

DACH - modern design

DACH - countless arts & music finds from historical to contemporary

Potential Strategic Partners

Best of Germany is a cooperation partner of Best of British by Media10, an exhibition successfully showcasing British brands and lifestyle since 2017.
Colocation of both exhibitions during the same time period at the same location! Thus creating a positive synergy effect since visitors can visit both exhibitions with the same ticket.

Key Success Factors

The growing demand of imported products and international brands in Asia, especially China, is creating a perfect opportunity for consumer focused exhibitions

The host city Shanghai has one of the largest bases of middle and upper middle-class consumers with international exposure

Support from the German, Austrian and Swiss government organizations as well as from the Chinese Government

This exhibition is based on a cooperation of 2 successful event agencies, City Moments / German Events being an expert in German culture events (Oktoberfest’s, Christmas markets) and Exposasia a qualified partner in terms of organizing world class consumer and trade events in China and abroad.

Direct sales opportunities during the event to generate direct ROI

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Event Sectors

Technology & Innovation 

Let customers experience the  latest technology trends,  innovations and concepts.What is new in the market and  what will the future bring?This section will showcase newest trends, ideas, products  and concepts.

Green City Life 

In today’s world, having the ability to reduce your own ecological  footprint is becoming more and more important for individuals.
As part of the technology & innovation sector the event is  creating a platform for the latest  sustainable business solutions, concepts and products for  consumers.

Interior & Design 

Lifestyle products, interior design  and kitchen products are highly sought-after by Chinese  consumers. Best of DACH is  showcasing the best of  the best!
China's luxury goods sales  increased by about 20 percent  last year to a total of 22.07  billion USD.

Lifestyle & Fashion 

From reliable innovative products for your next travel  experience to smart devices,  luxury products and fashion  items. In this section guests can deep-dive into new  trends and experience lifestyle products first-hand.
China has 2.7 million high-net-worth-individuals  (HNWI) who are looking for brands to spend their money on. Reach them and make them your customer 

Food & Drinks

Guests can indulge in a culinary  journey through various delicacies  of the 3 countries!
Taste the best chocolates,  cheeses, fine wines, schnapps and  many other delicious treats. Being the worlds largest grocery market valued at 1 Trillion USD, China offers a huge opportunity for F&B products & brands!

The Taste of DACH 

Live shows during the event to highlight different brands unique selling  proposition to the Chinese audience  with exclusive tastings andlive cooking. DIY courses and more await our  audience.

Education, Tourism & Culture 

Germany, Austria and Switzerland are 3  wonderful countries with an exciting  history and culture, making them an  attractive destination for Chinese  tourists.
Guests can take a journey through their culture, learn about the history, music, art as well as modern lifestyle. Furthermore, they can get insights into studying abroad and connecting with prestigious universities.

Business Exchange 

Best of DACH is providing a platform for discussion panels  about business aspects and ideas.  Professionals can share and  discuss the latest economic  development trends in front of a  wide audience. Strengthen the understanding of  the cultural and business exchange aspects between DACH countries and China.